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Our Experience Matters

Research Associates (RA) is the premier grants development firm helping education, health, and human service organizations across the nation achieve their purpose through grants. Since 1985, we have developed over 250+ funded grants for school districts, universities, and large non-profits totaling over $560 million in grant funds.

Over $30 million in funded literacy grants such as Innovative Approaches to Literacy, Early Reading First, Improving Literacy through School Libraries, and Striving Readers.


Over $20 million in funded Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) grants for programs such as Investing in Innovation, Department of Defense Education Activity, Innovation Fund, Youth CareerConnect, and National Science Foundation.


Over $86 million in funded grants for teacher and leader effectiveness initiatives including Teacher and School Leader Incentive Fund, Teacher Incentive Fund, Teacher Quality Partnership, School Leadership Program, Professional Development for Arts Educators, National Professional Development Program, and Investing in Innovation.

Teacher Effectiveness

Over $28 million in workforce development funding through programs including Youth CareerConnect, Investing in Innovation, Georgia Innovation Fund, Race to the Top-District, and Department of Defense Education Activity.

Workforce Development

Over $12 million in funded grants addressing the needs of the whole student such as School Climate Transformation, Project Prevent, Investing in Innovation, and Elementary and Secondary School Counseling.


Over $90 million in funded grants focusing on high school reform and post-secondary readiness including GEAR UP, Smaller Learning Communities, Advanced Placement, Incentive Program, Investing in Innovation, Extended School Year Start-Up, and High School Graduation Initiative.

Post-Secondary Readiness

Over $20 million in Race to the Top-District funding focusing on individualized, personalized learning strategies using a blended learning approach with 1:1 devices.

Personalized Learning

Over $12 million in federal grants for a variety of departments focusing on health care, physical education, AIDS prevention, homelessness, and support for veterans.

Health and Human Services

Over $40 million in funded grants, focusing on early childhood, such as Head Start and Early Reading First, and 21st Century Community Learning Centers and After-School Quality Improvement that serve K-8.

Early Childhood/After-School

Our Process Matters

Our grant development process begins long before a Request for Proposal (RFP) is released and continues beyond the submission of your grant proposal. Our time-tested process achieves greatest return on investment with 100% on-time submission.

  • 01


    We start the proposal development process by facilitating a dialogue with key leaders to craft a logic model which brings clarity to the program you are developing, creates consensus around the grant program, and focuses your evaluation.

  • 02


    After the logic model is complete, we conduct a needs assessment to gather statistical information, anecdotal observations, and data on the target population.

  • 03


    We then conduct comprehensive research to identify landmark studies, model programs, current trends, promising practices, and the most recent scientifically based research.

  • 04


    Once the RFP is released, we conduct a review of grant requirements and consult with you on key issues related to your competitiveness.

  • 05


    We then request information required for online applications to ensure your registration it is both valid, current, and in alignment with the competition due date.

  • 06


    Next, we engage the reviewer with negative data or anecdotal stories to demonstrate a strong need for grant funding.

  • 07


    In this section, we describe the project, beginning with the goals and objectives and outlining research-based strategies and activities to achieve those goals.

  • 08


    A strong timeline anchors this section describing necessary steps for both program management and program services.

  • 09


    Our experienced evaluation team describes how the program will be evaluated, outcomes will be measured, and program results will be disseminated.

  • 10


    We develop strong budgets that comply with federal regulations regarding allowable costs while meeting the needs of your organization to implement the program. For programs that require matching funds, we work with you to identify sources.

  • 11


    Each competition involves a standard set of forms, required appendices, and additional documents, such as the abstract and letters of support. These documents often require your participation to confirm commitments and secure signatures.

  • 12


    In our quest for excellence, each component is reviewed multiple times for clarity and flow, content, depth and breadth of research, and alignment with the RFP. We typically build in two, 24 hour reviews for you to provide feedback.

  • 13


    The final version of all documents, based on your feedback, are carefully reviewed in-house until all materials are ready for submission. We then complete the online application, upload application components, and submit.

  • 14


    We provide you with an electronic copy of the application package and perform an in-depth analysis of all reviewer comments. For proposals that are not funded, we will rewrite your proposal—at no charge—for the next competition of the same grant program, if you are still eligible.

Our Team Matters

Research Associates embraces a team approach and will work collaboratively with you to develop a program model that meets the grant requirements and your specific needs. Our team of specialists help you achieve high success rates and maximum grant awards.

Kristin LaRoche, MSW
Director of Grants

Our dynamic Team Leaders guide the development process to ensure your proposal is high quality, competitive and that you are thrilled with the results.

Dee Geddings, BA
Director of Research

Our skilled team of Researchers are savvy investigators, infusing grant proposals with the most current and innovative evidence-based, best-practice research.

Ashlie James, MA
Grant Writer

Our expert Grant Writers craft innovative program designs and develop the heart and soul of your proposal to tell your story in powerful ways.

Leigh Anna Lang, MS
Grant Writer

Our highly-trained Budget Analysts develop program-driven budgets that withstand budget cuts from funders and comply with federal and program regulations.

Julie Neeley, MSW, MPA
Grant Writer

Our friendly Grant Strategists serve as the glue binding your project together from start to finish ensuring that all parties stay engaged and on target for timely submission.

Jennifer Hoff, MA
Grant Writer

Our team of Evaluators bring decades of experience to the evaluation design, goals, and objectives with an emphasis on ongoing feedback and continuous improvement.

Shalon Coffey, MS
Grant Writer

Our team of detail-oriented Technical Writers ensure that our proposals are clear, concise, polished, professional, and error-free.

Our Partners

Research Associates builds long-term partnerships through exceptional service, attention to detail, innovative best practices, and high quality work. Partner surveys from the last five years indicate that 100% of partners would use RA again and would recommend RA to others.

Team members have always been very personable, offered constructive feedback, and brought ideas to the table but did not diminish the goals of the district – those were at the forefront of the process at all times.

I like that RA takes the time to thoroughly understand the program. The team is very positive and they give the impression that they truly care about the project and its outcomes.

Words that best describe RA: Organization, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Continuous Communication, Timeliness

The RA team take the time to get to know the project and build a relationship with those involved.

Research Associates knows our district’s goals and format, thus working with them is an easy process. We have been very successful with them.

The RA team is extremely organized, asked for exactly what was needed, and honored our time.

Our recent proposal with RA was a tight turn around (due to the funder), but was handled professionally and with much tact and consideration to our district’s scheduling needs.

Always a pleasure to work with!

I believe RA is a model organization for effectiveness, customer service, and efficiency. The team is outstanding!

The RA team is very aware of all aspects of a project and they do an excellent job of sending reminders and keeping everyone on schedule. This is very much appreciated, especially in extremely busy program settings.

The best part was starting from scratch with our team and having a great proposal at the end of the process. I am always amazed how they take a few sentences, thoughts, and ideas to come up with a wonderful plan to help students and teachers.

The RA team shows a sincere interest in the program and builds a relationship with our team. I like the comprehensive approach to the process and that you have expertise in research, writing, project management, and editing.

Giving Back Matters

Research Associates was founded in 1985 by Mike DuBose with a purpose of creating opportunities to improve lives. Since then, RA has positively impacted the lives of many through its monetary donations, hands-on community service activities, and in-kind donations of goods and services.

Hosting and participating in blood drives to help save lives.

Picking up trash to make our community a cleaner place.

Donating time, money, and goods for the pet shelter.

Collecting clothing, furniture, and school supplies for homeless families.

Donating items and helping sort food for the hungry.

Hosting pet supply drives for no-kill animal shelters.

Donating items and volunteering to help the homeless.

Donating items and helping sort food for the hungry.

Sorting and packing toys and clothes for the Angel tree.

Hosting a holiday craft party for families in recovery.

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Research Associates (RA) is the premier grants development firm helping education, health, and human service organizations across the nation achieve their purpose through grants.

For more information, please complete the form below and one of our Grant Writers will get back with you.